Ashlee & Alec / Fire Signs

Chicago, IL




We are Fire Signs! Founded by a small but powerful team of artists and professionals co-owned by Ashlee Stewack and Alec Ozawa. From different creative fields, we founded a perfect blend of our disciplines within Fire Signs. With a love for storytelling and custom, handcrafted art and design we offer an array of solutions to bring your business, restaurant, office, home, event or custom goods to life. From hand painted signage, menus, branding, media to customizations and marketing strategy, our work aims to expand your brands story and connection to the community. We welcome any job, big or small and value investing in local, small businesses as well as larger productions. We work with a talented array of local artists to create pop-up teams that are suited to your needs.

Our story started in 2016, as a demand for Ashlee’s hand-lettering and branded environments grew amongst both local and national business owners. With her experience as a traditionally trained sign painter and Creative Director she’s been able to meet clients exactly where they are at and find creative solutions and expansions to their success. Alec joined the team as sign painter and a seasoned Media and Photography director. We find that as a team we can cover all our clients need as a one-stop-shop agency style design company. Our core belief at Fire Signs is in collaboration and community. Every business needs someone to help tell your story and believe it’s done better when together.


Branding / Graphic Design / Environmental Design

Sign Painting / Murals

Custom Apparel / Moto Painting & Customization  

Photography / Videography

Live Painting Events



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